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DAFI Construction, serving the heart of Hudson Valley.
Our expert services span innovative patio designs, enduring retaining walls, and masterful conchstone work. Embrace the winter season with our efficient snow removal service, ensuring your home or business remains accessible and safe. Trust DAFi Construction for all your outdoor needs, where every project is built on a foundation of quality and precision.

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Masonry Services

Transform your property with DAFi Construction's premier masonry services, a hallmark of excellence in the Hudson Valley. Specializing in everything from quality stonework to precise bricklaying, we ensure each project we undertake enhances the beauty and value of your space.
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Hardscape & Landscape

Specializing in Hudson Valley's diverse climate, our team crafts stunning, durable outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a serene garden retreat or a robust stone pathway, we blend functionality with aesthetics to elevate your property's charm.
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Snow Removal

Navigate the Hudson Valley's snowy season with ease, thanks to Dafi Construction’s expert snow removal. Prompt, and reliable, we keep your driveways and paths clear all winter.
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Retaining Walls

Not only do they provide essential support and prevent erosion, but our retaining walls also enhance your garden's aesthetic. With a variety of textures and materials at our disposal, we guarantee a structure that's both functional and visually stunning.
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Dreaming of the perfect outdoor escape? Our custom patio designs are more than just additions to your home—they are personalized retreats crafted to reflect your lifestyle. Using a blend of high-quality materials and the latest design trends, we create inviting patios where you can unwind or entertain guests in style.
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Discover the blend of functionality and elegance with DAFi Construction's custom pathway designs. From classic brick to modern pavers, each path we create is a durable, beautiful journey through your garden or estate.
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